One of the strongest characteristic of stamps is their retention of value and value appreciation. This asset is a safe haven. It excels in times of crisis. This is probably the only investment in the world that will guarantee you large returns. Some other attributes which help give postage stamps their value:

  • A 160+ year history as a popular collectible
  • An aesthetic satisfaction to collectors at any income levels
  • Many countries or collecting areas experience an increase in demand over the long term
  • Demand for a stamp depends largely on the stamp’s country (or area) of issue
  • Many stamp collectors focus on stamps which depict popular topics
  • These influence demand for stamps in the same way that perceptions influence demand in the stock market

In the late ’90s there were approximately 8,000 listings in the entire stamps category on eBay. Today the number regularly exceeds 2,700,000. New generations of collectors and dealers embraced the internet and stamp collecting interest began to rapidly grow. New consumer markets in Eastern Europe, China and India have exploded due to the general economic growth and increased disposable income. Stamp collecting future looks brilliant.