Looking for stamp collecting supplies in shops, these days, is a real pain. The shops I used to go to have all closed! When I try to find other shops selling my stamp collecting accessories they are very hard to find!

Stamp collecting is a great hobby of mine. Been doing it for years. So when I go looking for things like cover sleeves, stock pages, albums, or stamp mounts, they are simply not available in my local stores!

Now I suppose you will say there is a store in your shopping center, that sells these products. Well, you’re lucky!

Most of us keen collectors have a tough time. But lucky for us there is the net! Now I can buy a huge range of stamp collecting gear, all from the comfort of my chair. Most of the stores that are left are now have gone online too. So when I want stock sheets or specialist album pages, or even stamp tongs I can get them when I want them delivered to my door! Gee its great to have the internet for all your collecting needs.

My grandson showed interest in becoming a stamp collector the other day, so I showed him my stamp collection and got him to play with some stamps and my new watermark detector that just arrived the other day. He was so fascinated with all my gadgets I had to chase him around the house to try and get the magnifying glass off him.

So hooray, I say for the internet!

I am not as mobile as I used to be. So no more traveling to the other side of the city to the last specialist, stamp collectors shop, left in this town.

My friends have been telling me what a shame it is that these stores are no longer in their towns either. We are all finding it great, that there are now specialist websites out there, where we can find other enthusiasts, who know what we are talking about!

I was pleased to find that many websites have product reviews too. Not being able to touch and feel the quality of products anymore, its great to have someone reliable to do it for us. The other advantage is they can look at a range of products on the market and express an independent view of their quality and value for money. I cant always afford the absolute best there is, so I tend to buy the best I can afford.

So I am sad to see my local stores go, but at least I can access a friendly, knowledgeable crowd on the net.

I am getting all my stamp collecting accessories online now, delivered direct to my door.

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